There are 3 levels in which the CIRQ can bring Harmony into your life:


Level 1 … Wellness in body, mind or spirit


The Cirq may be used holographically by using tapping techniques (see the Cirq Instruction sheet). Spiritual, emotional, or physical issues can be brought into harmony by setting intent and connecting with the body via the sacred geometric design, which serves as a tool of resonance.


Many people have shown that they respond to the Cirq, without the tapping technique, by simply placing the Cirq facedown on the area you wish to bring back into balance … no matter whether you’re dealing with pain or discomfort or the vestiges of disease.



Level 2 … Protect the body from cell phone radiation, electro-smog, stress & tension


In our high-tech world, we constantly are bombarded by electro-magnetic radiation in its various forms, whether cell phones, wifi, smart meters, or microwaves. Keeping the Cirq with you stops these forms of radiation from disturbing the mind and body by allowing the body to have access to plasma from the Cirq’s plasma emitter. The body uses plasma to revitalize itself. 


By placing the Cirq over the bellybutton for a mere few minutes the Cirq will clear all the meridians of the body. This may be used to desensitize the immune system to allergies (see the 5 elements instruction sheet). It may be used as a complement to acupuncture. 



Level 3 … Create Harmonetic® Water to  revitalize the body or to cleanse the body of toxins. 


 Testimonials have shown that the super-hydration principle behind Harmonetic® water can enhance wellness in different ways for different people. Using a Bio-Scan machine, several of the participants noticed a 50-60% increase in their cellular hydration levels. This same super-hydration also allows the cells in the body to get rid of toxins much faster. So if you are noticing more elimination than you feel comfortable with, decrease the amount of water you drink daily.


In the study, participants reported feeling more energy, more mental clarity, better emotional balance, and a greater sense of wellness.


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