Cirq Charm


Cirq Charm


Naturally restores harmony for—

   • Vitalizing your pet’s health

   • Wellness & well being

   • Balancing energy blocks

   • Diminishing sources of pain


The Cirq Charm is like the Cirq only smaller. Easier to use on small areas, it can be placed around a pet’s neck, on your wrist, arm, leg or ankle by placing it facedown on the affected area. Pets love it. Originally designed for pets, owners began using it on themselves and reported back to us its wonderful abilities. 


With the stretch coil bands, you can easily leave the Cirq Charm in place for long periods. The Charms are made of a plasma emitter, enhanced by a crystalline substrate, and broadcast by the Harmonetic™ Eye design that will create resonance with your body.

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