Bruder is a 15 year old Maine Coon who has been suffering from hypertension for over a year. I have had blood work done changed his diet and and was out over a thousand dollars in vet bills.

My friend introduced me to the Cirq Charm and I was a little hesitant and was tired of trying things that didn't work.

Bruder was almost dead by the middle of January 2018 and I was ready for his passing.

I put the Cirq under his bed pad with the small Cirq fastened around his neck and it took weeks for me to see improvement.

I started him on the methiozole at the same time but had to administer that medication intermittently due to he had a slight allergic reaction. I continued to see improvement and was amazed that the Cirq's energy was so helpful

Bruder is doing alright and I am thankful for both the 4 inch round disk and the 1 inch round disk that I fastened around his neck that brought about big changes. 


I resonated with your statement that our pets take on (our) emotional/physical burdens. My dog is very special and I want to do what I can for him. He seemed to notice the difference. It was like a part of him relaxed. He has been wearing it and doing well.


At your last event I bought one of the Cirq Charms you sell. I bought it for my cat that had been suffering from a tail wound since May. It would not heal so it had to be partially amputated, and she would not leave it alone. After trying many things to help it heal and her heal, it had to be fully amputated. Even after that, once it started healing and was unwrapped, she would continue to scratch at it and re-open the wound. It had been more than six months since the complete amputation and on Christmas night I put the Cirq Charm on her and she slept with it on. She has not bothered that tail/stump since that time, it has completely healed and she is back to herself.


I had problems with my cats throwing up. I thought it might be food issues but couldn't find a solution until I tried your Cirq Charm. Thank you for letting me know what it can do. 


I have a 4 year old German Shepard that has always had social anxiety. She doesn't like people and especially doesn't like other dogs. I couldn't take her for walks and couldn't have people over to my house. I purchased one of the Cirq Charms you sell and placed it on her collar, I was told it creates a sense of calm and inner peace. I did not notice any change the first few weeks but left it on her collar. A few weeks later when my doorbell rang she made a small fuss but didn't threaten to bite the person at the door. She has been wearing it for a few months and I am gradually seeing changes in her, she is so much more relaxed and does not bark at every noise she hears anymore. I can have people over to my house and she sits in her bed and doesn't mind them being in the house. We are both working towards having a social life now. Thank you. 

__ Richard   

My kitties were throwing up, every day, sometimes more than once a day. I love them, and this was absolutely not okay. One is really tiny and her health has always been a struggle. I use a mid price food and tried things like stepping up to a better more expensive brand of food. There was no improvement, until I bought a cirq for each. I figured they were low cost, wouldn’t hurt, and might actually help. I seen an improvement from the first day they both wore them. It’s been over a month and there is incredible improvement. They are so much happier and are keeping their food down. This makes me happy too.
— Robin