Mission of Xynchronicity

Xynchronicity seeks to create a better environment for pets and their owners. And accomplishes that with Harmony using the powers of geometric patterns, scalar patterns, and plasma. All Xynchronicity devices contain these patterns created by the Xynchro™, invented by GW Hardin, bestselling author and mathematician. While writing his bestselling books he discovered that certain patterns govern all of life, mathematically and biologically. When these patterns are in place, our minds, bodies, and spirits maintain their natural state, which is wellness. 

As our modern world continues to surround us with technologies which are counter to these natural patterns, using microwaves, wifi, EMF, and cell phone radiation (the coverall term being “electro-smog”) our pets struggle to surround us with their natural state of being. Several studies have shown that pets connect to us, try and protect us, and serve us however they can. It behooves us to respond to this kindness by providing them with an environment that supports their natural state of being. Not only are they served, but so are we.

How Patterns Based on Xynchronicity Work … 


GW Hardin discovered that all of nature is based on four Fibonacci patterns, in a mathematical system outside of what we usually use. The ancients used this mathematical system, as we have discovered in the writings of Pythagoras. This system once again began to be used when String Theory was discovered recently. But what String Theory did not realize is that this system can be used in many ways other than with “Strings.”


Based upon discoveries made while writing two of his bestsellers Hardin began to experiment with re-creating harmony-based patterns, using scalars and plasma. The results surprised him so much that he decided to test his findings with three statistical pilot studies, all of which verified his results: Harmony is the root of all wellness. 


Because pet owners have a natural tendency to love and care for their animals, this attention is magnified when in a supportive environment of harmonious patterns. Thus the reason for starting Xynchronicity.